The Time Keeper

The Eternal Time Keeper grants you this day to use as you will. Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” asks, “How will you live it?”

Finding Forgiveness at the Cross

Forgiving may do nothing to change an adversary, but, as Judah Ben-Hur discovers at the cross, it brings perfect peace to the hearts of those who forgive.

A Pilgrim in Progress

Mark Twain, a pilgrim in progress, hoped to discover something holy in the Holy Land as he searched for that elusive certitude we all secretly desire. Does he find it?

Meet Me at the Star

“Meet Me at the Star” tells of a meeting place where family and friends, old and new, living and departed, come together unencumbered by time and space.

The Last Battle

Politicians, social engineers, and well-meaning institutions can never change the world until they change themselves.

The Road Home

There are many roads that lead us away from home, but only one road brings us back.

The Prayer

A grieving young mother learns that what has happened should have happened, and therefore it was good.

Life Before Birth

Revolutionary Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing (1927-1989) mused speculatively in “The Facts of Life” about life before birth and how prenatal experiences might affect a person later in life.

Pale Blue Dot

We live on a pale blue dot floating on the vast cosmic sea. But for that very reason, our species is anything but insignificant. We are here, and not on some conspicuous celestial body in the center of the universe. Yet, we are here.

Our Cancer Year: Finding Purpose in Adversity

“Our Cancer Year” illustrates that adversity may at first appear to be a senseless harbinger of misery, but time may well reveal that God meant it for Good.