William Bélibaste: The Great Pretender

The life of William Bélibaste, the Great Pretender, shows that it’s not how we begin in life, but how we finish that matters most.

The Hero’s Journey and You

The Hero’s Journey begins with the Hero in an everyday setting like yours. Then something happens, and the journey begins.

Don Quixote, Pt. 1: The Book Burning

Printed works targeted by a book burning survive long after their intended destruction, but those who burn them soon disappear into the mists of time.

The Greatest Gift

George Platt wishes to have never been born, but when a mysterious stranger grants his wish, he soon learns that he’s forgotten the greatest gift of all.

Only the Lonely: The Opportunities of Loneliness

Sitting alone at the controls of an Army C-47, Ernest K. Gann realizes an opportunity that only the lonely can fully appreciate.

Trouble with the Curve: Managing Emotional Responses

Emotions typically rise and fall in the shape of a bell-shaped curve. Failure at managing emotional responses most often leads to trouble with the curve.

These Things Happen

An old farmer heard the worst news a veterinary surgeon can give to a stockman, then murmured the unexpected words, “These things happen.”

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Discovers Perfect Love

Perfect love lies within the grasp of us all. Its rewards go beyond what we can imagine.

Thank God for the Fleas: Learning to Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Can you imagine circumstances that might convince you to thank God for the fleas? Read how two sisters found themselves in such a situation.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

“In some ways, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning,” wrote Viktor Frankl, who learned about turning tragedy into triumph in Nazi death camps.