Author: Dr. Eck

The Story of Your Life

THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE What if the story of your life became a movie? What kind of movie would it be? A thriller? Drama? Adventure? Horror? Comedy? Would it be a dull series of unconnected unimaginative events? A nail-biter? A heart-warming story that inspires moviegoers? Donald Miller: His Story as a Screenplay. Author Donald Miller began thinking about life…

Have a Good Moment: A Strategy for Living Life to Its Fullest

It’s not that time is short, but we make it short by wasting it, letting moments slip by without a thought about how to have a good moment.

When an Unexpected Gift is the Perfect Gift

She was well over forty, overweight, and depressed when an unexpected gift from a kindhearted lady turned everything around.

Oh, God, Leave Me Alone: Fleeing and Finding God in Graham Greene’s “The End of the Affair”

We find in Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair that a thin line lies between fleeing and finding God. The subtext of the main character’s plea, “O, God, leave me alone” could well be, “O, God, reveal Yourself to me.”

How to Exploit Hatred and Start a Movement in 3 Easy Steps

This article examines how leaders of political and social movements use the power of hatred to excite and motivate their “true believers.”

Prisoner of the Past

Christ is the Lord of the past. When He enters our life through the Holy Spirit, He releases us from the shackles of former things.

When a Little is Much

The value of one’s life often lies not in celebrated accomplishments but in small, yet profound ways we touch the lives of others—those times when a little is much.

Chasing After the Wind: How to Turn Work into Pleasure

All labor, at some point, may become dull and routine, failing to deliver a sense of achievement as if one is chasing after the wind.

Luck, Chance, or Divine Providence?

Some look back on their life and see good or bad luck. A Christian looks at his life story and sees the hand of God through it all.

A Time for Silence

The noisiness so rampant in the world today necessitates a time for silence to maintain emotional and spiritual health.